Our participation at academic conferences

Our participation at academic conferences

Participation and/or presentations at academic conferences in 2014

We would like to report our participation and/or presentation at academic conferences in 2014.

December 5, 2014

Best of ASRM 2014 Lecture

Chairman: Takumi Takeuchi
Participants: Tsuyoshi Okuda, Tomoko Hashimoto
Location: Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

December 4-5, 2014

59th Academic Lecture and General Meeting of Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine

Lecturer: Nao Oka
Title: Seminal findings and clinical outcome of spermatic varicocele surgery in cases of severe male infertility.
Lecturer: Sayaka Yanagihori
Title: Effect of sperm maturation level and artificial egg activation from human fertilization to early embryogenesis time-lapse study
Location: Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

October 18-22, 2014

American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2014 Annual Meeting

Lecturer: Takumi Takeuchi
Poster Title:Beneficial effect of microsurgical varicocelectomy on semen parameters and clinical outcome in severe male factor infertility
Oral title: Effect of sperm maturity and assisted oocyte activation on morphokinetics of early human embryos
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

September 13-14, 2014

17th Japan Society of Assisted Reproduction

Chairman: Koichi Kyono
Lecturer: Noriyuki Okuyama
Poster Title: Effect of patient background and sperm freezing on TESE-ICSI clinical score
Participants: Takumi Takeuchi, Atsuko Tanaka
Location: Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka

September 6, 2014

Reproductive medicine forum for young doctors of the future

Lecturer: Koichi Kyono
Title: Actual condition of ART
Lecturer: Takumi Takeuchi
Title: New developments in reproductive medicine- Basic to Clinical
Location: Shibuya Ward Medical Association, Tokyo

July 31- August 1, 2014

32nd Academic Lecture / General Meeting of Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation

Lecturer, Chairman: Koichi Kyono
Title: Thrombosis prophylaxis in reproductive medicine
Lecturer, Chairman: Takumi Takeuchi
Title: Effect of low ligation for varicocele complications
Lecturer: Tsuyoshi Okuda
Title: Consideration of hCG trigger and GnRH agonist with regards to egg collection
Lecturer: Nobuya Aono
Title: Consideration of causes of multiple nuclei generation
Lecturer: Noriyuki Okuyama
Title: Effect of patient background and sperm freezing on TESE-ICSI clinical score
Lecturer: Eri Sakamoto
Title: Actual condition of male patients visiting this clinic
Location: Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Tokyo

June 29- July 2, 2014

ESHRE 2014

Participants: Koichi Kyono
Oral Presentation: Follow-up on child growth regarding new technologies: Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), In Vitro Maturation (IVM), and Assisted Oocyte Activation (AOA)
Oral Presentation: Morphokinetics of embryos derived from cryopreserved human oocytes assessed by time-lapse cinematography (TLC)
Poster Presentation: Comparison of the data following in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) from split cycles in cases of no moderate or severe male factors
Poster Presentation: Delivery of healthy babies derived from metaphase ii oocytes with smooth endoplasmic reticulum clusters
Poster Presentation: Clinical efficacy of multinucleated blastomeres (MNB)
Poster Presentation: Successful pregnancies following assisted reproductive technology (ART) for cancer survivors
Poster Presentation: Pregnancy and neonatal outcome following ovulation induction with aromatase inhibitor letrozole and clomiphene citrate
Location: Munich, Germany

June 7-8, 2014

JISART Education Seminar, 12th JISART Symposium

Participants: Koichi Kyono, Takumi Takeuchi, Nobuya Aono, Kayoko Oyama, Junko Tachibana, Haruka Tachibana, Atsuko Tanaka, Kana Nakajima
Location: Keio Plaza Hotel, Hokkaido

June 1, 2014

2nd Embryoscope Users Meeting

Participants: Takumi Takeuchi, Nobuya Aono
Location: Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

May 17-18, 2014

The 55th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Ova Research

Lecturer: Koichi Kyono
Title: Freezing ovaries and transplantation
Lecturer: Nobuya Aono
Title: Basic morphological embryo evaluation, its superiority and issues
Location: International Conference Center Kobe, Hyogo

May 11, 2014

Becoming a mom, one day! Refining the heart and body of working women vol.2

Lecturer, Panelist: Koichi Kyono
Title 1: Egg aging and front line pregnancy activities
Title 2: Infertility treatment and late childbearing
Response to individual consultations:Takumi Takeuchi, Eri Sakamoto, Atsuko Tanaka, Nobuya Aono, Hiromitsu Hattori
Participants: Mineko Onozato, Kiyotaka Oikawa, Kayoko Oyama, Ai Sato, Tomiko Aono
Location: Nikkei Conference & Seminar Room, Tokyo

April 18-20, 2014

The 66th Annual Congress of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Participants: Koichi Kyono
Location: Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

April 4-6, 2014


Lecturer: Koichi Kyono
Title: Comparison of clinical results following split cycles of in vitro ferilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
Title: Development of infants derived from metaphase II oocytes with smooth endoplasmic reticulum clusters (sERC)
Location: Brisbane, Australia

March 16, 2014

The 9th Japan Society for Repro-Regeneral Medicine

Participants: Koichi Kyono, Takumi Takeuchi
Location: Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka

March 6, 2014

Ob-Repro network workshop

Lecturer: Takumi Takeuchi
Title: Clinical application of freezing unfertilized eggs
Participants: Koichi Kyono, Tsuyoshi Okuda
Location: Hotel New Otani, Tokyo

March 2, 2014

Japan Society of Fertilization and Implantation, The 10th ART lifetime training course

Participants: Takumi Takeuchi
Location: Belle Salle Kudan, Event Hall, Tokyo

February 23, 2014

The 11th Academic meeting of Japan Association of Psychological Counseling for Reproductive Medicine

Lecturer: Eri Sakamoto Poster Title: Actual condition of male patients visiting this clinic
Participants: Koichi Kyono, Junko Tachibana, Yumiko Numajiri, Shiyo Fukuda
Location: Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo

February 16, 2014

The 11th Tohoku ART Workshop

Representative, Chairman: Koichi Kyono
Location: Koyo Grand Hotel, Miyagi

February 9, 2014

JISART facility certification screening Training of judges, briefing session of screening

Participants: Takumi Takeuchi, Eri Saskamoto, Junko Tachibana, Mina Iwata, Noriyuki Okuyama, Ai Sato
Location: TKP Conference Center, Tokyo

February 2, 2014

A-PART Symposium regarding cancer and reproduction 2014

Participants: Koichi Kyono
Location: Belle Salle Iidabashi-Ekimae Hall, Tokyo


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