Our philosophy and treatment policy

Our philosophy and treatment policy

Philosophy of Kyono ART Clinic Takanawa

  1. To bring joy, awe and happiness to our patients, always smile and maintain a positive and kind attitude.
  2. Provide good medical care with joy and unity, while improving oneself through friendly competition with other staff members.
  3. Always seek honest and safe medical care, innovative projects, development and research.

Treatment Policy

Kyono ART Clinic Takanawa is an infertility treatment facility specializing in advanced reproductive technology.

Regarding causes of infertility, sole male or female factors account for approximately 40% of all cases, while a combination of both male and female factors account for the remaining 20% of the cases. For the early detection of the causes and for smooth implementation of treatment at our clinic, we have an examination and treatment system for both male and female patients.

One out of 100 men in general, and one out of five men undergoing infertility treatment are said to have azoospermia. At our clinic, we can provide treatment for both "Non-obstructive azoospermia" and "Obstructive azoospermia".

Advanced reproductive technology continues to improve. In response, we will continue to train ourselves to keep up with the latest technology and provide leading-edge medical care.

Treatment Policy

Step-Up Method

At our clinic, we first assess all possible causes of infertility, in order to identify the main cause. Next, a treatment method is selected from among ovarian stimulation, artificial insemination, advanced reproductive technology (in-vitro fertilization), etc., according to age of the patient, cause of infertility, and duration of infertility.

This process is called the "step-up method."

Only about a half of all causes can be identified with normal examinations. In some patients, the cause remains undetected. In cases where conception is not achieved using the timing method, problems such as oocyte transport disorder of fallopian tube, sperm transport disorder, and conception failure are considered next. In such cases, step up to artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization is recommended. In practice, a step-up is done every three months, according to the timing method guidance, ovarian stimulation and artificial insemination. If pregnancy is not achieved after 3 to 5 attempts of artificial insemination, further step up to in-vitro fertilization is carried out. In cases where the age of the mother is high (over 35 years), or the duration of infertility is long, early step up to artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization is recommended.

Treatment at the Highest Level

For couples having difficulty conceiving, we provide a wide range of highly advanced medical treatment at the highest level, ranging from artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization and micro fertilization to frozen embryo transfer and micro-dissection testicular sperm extraction. At our clinic, almost every kind of advanced reproductive treatment for both male and female infertility is available.

Treatment at the Highest Level


Before treatment, we will provide a detailed explanation and counseling, in order to determine the most appropriate and agreeable treatment for each couple. Please be assured that not only mental health care (psychological counseling), but also "genetic counseling" is provided for those receiving treatment. A certified counselor specializing in genetics provides a detailed explanation on late pregnancy, possible diseases which may affect the child, and issues regarding genetics and chromosomes.


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